Investment Update

Mark had the opportunity recently to sit down and record a conversation with Tony Edwards, Senior Portfolio Manager at Atrium Investment Management. Mark spoke with Tony at length about the state of investment markets, especially given the Geo-Political surprises of 2016 and asked him where he thought the risks and opportunities were in the year ahead. 

Superannuation and Pension changes includes:

  • Cap on transfers from Super to Pension
  • Changes to concessional and non-concessional contribution limits
  • 3 year ‘bring forward’ provisions
  • Transition to Retirement Income Streams
  • Summary of additional changes

End of Year Client Update

This video summarises results from our recent client survey which includes:

  • Client meeting preferences
  • What our clients value most about working with us
  • Benefits of working with us
  • Ongoing Communication

Who Are We

Mark Brown and Hayden Griffiths bring decades of combined knowledge to Ambition Wealth, along with a clear vision and a quiet determination to do it differently and to do it better.

What this means to our clients can be quickly summarised:

  • Our investment and advice philosophy features custom-tailored guidance that rejects the industry standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ plans.
  • Ambition Wealth financial plans are strategy focused and never sales focused.
  • Strategies are driven by client goals and desired outcomes rather than short term emotional reactions to market movements.
  • Client fees are clear and explained in easy to understand terms. This ensures that our advice reflects a client’s needs and goals and our recommendations are never tied to conflicted remuneration.
  • Ambition Wealth offers a level of personalised service the big banks and institutions can’t – or won’t – offer, due to the increasing focus placed on their product sales.

Everything combines in a holistic approach recognising that any comprehensive and successful advice strategy that builds and protects wealth must also include lifestyle planning.

For our clients there is one goal that is simply more important than any other:

What do you want your life to be?

Contact Information

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Offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne